Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Do Spider Monkeys have six appendages?

I know this is a shocking picture. The question I have is this. Do Spider Monkeys have six appendages? (Not counting the tail of course.)  Is that why they are called Spider Monkeys? The answer to this startling question is that Spider Monkeys are only called that. They actually have only two arms and two legs. This picture is one which I photoshopped for the purpose of class discussions with my art classes. You might remember that I was a teacher for 24 years. In this modern world one must look out for the fakes. There are always those expert scam artists who would take advantage of your lack of knowledge. In my story "The Gaslight Gallery Mystery" which is in my book "Spies Lie and Spies Die"  I have my character of Mrs. Gloria Crawford. investigate a murder which involves the forgery of paintings. The forger murderer went to the extremes to make his/her fakes seem real. It may surprise you that the process I described in that story is actually a process used by art forgers who can make a modern painting look like a million dollar masterpiece. It is a process which has actually fooled several museums in the past. If you want to know more about what I'm talking about read my book "Spies Lie and Spies Die." It is on Amazon and Goodreads.