Thursday, August 29, 2019

Still in the contest

I was pleased to hear from my sister yesterday. In June she entered one of my short stories in a contest. I barely met the deadline as it was but I consented that if I won it would be good publicity. Well, the first round of cut/ rejections were to be announced by August 20th. I'm pleased to announce that I wasn't in the those rejections. My story is still in the competition. Those eliminated from the next round will be announced in September. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. A few prayers wouldn't hurt either. Yes, there's a cash prize, but the recognition would be worth a ton.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Introducing a new writer, Liam Shea

I've been talking to some of my writer friends and they are advising me to keep my genera straight. Dan-Dwayne writes Young Adult Fiction mystery and adventure stories plus fairy tales for children. 

If this new book Midday's Starless Midnight were turned into movie it would get an R rating because of the language. The character who is the leader of the motorcycle gang talks rough as so he should, I believe the audience would expect that. The book is also not really an adventure story but more of a quest. It is alternative or speculative fiction, certainly not mystery. Taking all this in consideration It will make a difference in how I believe my audience would see my other books.

 J.K. Rowling writes fantasy under her own name and detective mystery under another. This is something professional writers have been doing whenever they change their writing genera. So, after taking all the counseling from my friends and looking at what other writers are doing when they change genera, I decided to publish this book under a pen name, a non de plume. So look for the works of Liam Shea on your amazon shelf. You might need to plug the name into the search as he is a new writer. LOL.
Coming soon to

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Coming Soon

Alright, it's almost ready.
Finally my new novel Midday's Starless Midnight has a release date. 
It's premiering August 23rd. Can't wait? Me either! 
Look for it in Paperback and E-Book on, but only after August 23rd. 

This one is funnier, gritter, darker, lighter, more spine tingling drama, and more R rated than anything I've done before. If you are easily shocked then this is not the book for you. The kid's section is just a few clicks the other direction.  This one is definitely for the grown ups. 

I'm so excited!

I'm getting prerelease critiques and comments from early readers for promotion purposes. If you want to be one of these early readers, please contact me at because I will have a limited number of paperbacks for selected beta readers.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Author Jan Lloyd Talks about The Land of Neither Here Nor There.

Author Jan Lloyd talks about The Land of Neither Here Nor There.

"Excellent! Beautiful Descriptions. I could see them clearly in my mind."

Thank You, Jan. You're the greatest. 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Free e-copies of my short story who-done-it "Midnight in New Orleans."
Hello All, I just finished a promotion deal with Amazon to give free e-copies of my short story who-done-it Midnight in New Orleans. That's right I said free. But, it's only for three days of frantic hand-outs. So, get yours Monday the 12th, Tuesday the 13th, and Wednesday the 14th of August.  

This story starts when Michael and Alexis go to her home town, New Orleans, Louisiana, so that Michael can meet the parents of his dream girl. While they are out they learn about a séance being held to talk to the ghost of old Tom, a millionaire who hid his money. At the séance a man is mysteriously shot. No one knows where the bullet came from or who pulled the trigger. Now, Alexis and Michael find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation, but they have an advantage the police don't have... they have Madame Boudreaux, a gifted spiritualist who talks to the dead.     

Here I am at the AMA-CON

Here I am at the AMA-CON. For those of you who don't know what an AMA-CON is... Well, it is Amarillo 's version of a Comic-CON. There were voice actors and artist there from comic book companies. Some fantastic Cosplay by terrific people who were happy to explain their favorite characters and their take on the character. That brings me down to the authors who were there. I was one of about eight. Can you guess what costume I'm wearing? If you guessed, cranky elitist writer's costume then you get the cigar. The posters in the front are my own designs and I'm promoting Spies Lie and Spies Die, Premeditated Pandemonium, The Secret King, Pawns in Power of Kings, and The land of neither here nor there. If you missed the AMA-CON then you missed a terrific time. I got to meet some new friends and some fans who already knew about my books. Thanks for your support and well wished.