Monday, November 26, 2018

Frustrated about delays

I must confess that I'm more than a little frustrated with the software at KDP. I have been trying to get an update published for the paperback version of my book "The Land of Neither Here Nor There" for over two weeks. Usually it only takes about 48 hours to apply an update even though they ask for 72 hours. That is to say that they are quick to respond and add the book to their bookshelves. However, for some reason my book is stuck in the system. The technicians say that this has never happened before. Hopefully they will get it straightened out and you can start buying the updated paperback version of this children's book sometime this week. The paperback version that is live is the draft version and as I said I have been trying to add the update so that you get the best paperback version available. Until this glitch is fixed (and I will announce it here on my blog) please buy the E-Book version. It has accepted the update. I am sorry for the inconvenience to my readers. I was hoping to have this fantastic children's book available in full color and in an oversized 8"x10" softcover edition by Cyber Monday.
This link goes straight to the E-Book version. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

Yeah... It is printed in full color.
Great things are happening in the Dan-Dwayne universe. That may sound egocentric, but I must admit I'm more than a little excited about my oversize soft cover ( size 8' X 10') book for children... "The Land of Neither Here Nor There" It is printed in full color with 14 illustrations of my stories which I created myself. 

I call it a 'Book of Modern Fairy Tales for all Children'... Meaning if your young or old you will fall in love with these stories. Check it our on
has just gone live. Beat the rush for Christmas and order this week. New Books sometimes take a couple weeks to start printing because there aren't any in stock and they must be printed on demand... so don't wait.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

The week of Thanksgiving will be a big week for my books.

The week of Thanksgiving will be a big week for my books. My brand new book "Premeditated Pandemonium" will be on a special promotion. On November 20th go to and download the book to your kindle or tablet for FREE. Sorry this promotion only applies to the digital format. It is the only time Amazon will allow this FREE offer so take advantage of it.

Then my long awaited new book for children "The Land of Neither Here nor There" will be available for preorder on Saturday, November 17th and available for download on the 20th. I'm calling it 'A Book of Modern Fairy Tales for Children of all Ages.' This Land of Neither Here nor There is hidden behind the secret gateway of sealed edges. You'll just have to get the book to know more. It is printed on a larger format (8x10) and is illustrated with charming color illustrations inspired by children who understand that once in a while it's completely appropriate to color outside the lines. I should know if they are charming because I did the illustrations. Yes, I wrote it and illustrated it. As many of you know I was a commercial artist before I became an art teacher and also was the Art Director for a local duplex television station. I think it will make a great Christmas Gift. 

Don't hesitate because it usually take several weeks for a new paper copy book to be printed and delivered (about two weeks I think.) The reason for this is that there are no copies in reserve. They all must be printed on demand.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The promotion has started!

These bookmarks advertising my new novel 'Premeditated Pandemonium' are just in. Watch for a T-shirt with the snake wrapped around the military knife coming soon. There will be a special promotion for this book Thanksgiving week. Watch for it!  

Monday, November 5, 2018

It's official.

It's official. My new novel is available at for e-book and in paperback form. Check it out today.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


Click the link.

I was so surprised to go to Amazon and see that they have already approved the copy and put my novel, Premeditated Pandemonium, out for preorder. Looks like they think it's going to be a hit too. The information I just received was that it will be delivered after November 5th. Yea! 

The pre-ordering for Premeditated Pandemonium, the new novel by Dan-Dwayne, starts on November 5th.

It's all most here. The pre-ordering for Premeditated Pandemonium, the new novel by Dan-Dwayne, starts on November 5th. Only 3 days left.

Evan Chavez was one of the US Military’s best assets while he was working for Naval Military Intelligence. Twelve years ago he spearheaded a mission in Boston where one of the team members, Zane Dunkirk, flipped to the other side, whoever they may be, and took what the team was sent to get. It was no accident that this mission’s objective was to steal two hundred and fifty million dollars in diamonds. For the past twelve years he has blamed his Lieutenant for stealing the diamonds and escaping. That was twelve years ago and for the past twelve years he has blamed his lieutenant, Zane Dunkirk, for stealing the diamonds and escaping. In the twelve years that followed the botched mission, Evan left military service and became a police detective for the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department. He chose Fort Worth because that was Zane’s last known address. To his surprise he discovers that Zane’s body was found in a Boston sanitation service dumpster. He had been murdered twelve years ago. Can Evan find Zane’s killer and return the diamonds before they are used in a doomsday device called ‘Jehovah’s Tears?”
One thing is for certain, he can’t do it alone. With the help of his old Military Commander and a team of professionals he discovers the truth behind the Boston Mission. Could the answers lie with a
religious cult who believes that the world has scrummed to idolatry because of what they call
the ‘Black Queen of Diamonds?’ He discovers the truth, and that truth shakes his belief in
everything... Everything he thought he had faith in.
This book contains mild language and mature situations,