Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Can hardly wait till Lubbock Comic-Con 2020

Can't wait to see all my friends at the upcoming Lubbock Comic-Con 2020 this Saturday and Sunday, held at the Lubbock Civic Center Exhibit Hall. I will be at the booth marked on the map for Write Right Authors which is actually the Write Right Critique Group of Lubbock. My friend Liam Shea will also be there along with Cyberpunk writer, Sekji Ani, and Science Fiction writer, Keith West. It'll be great fun. I'll see ya there.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Meet Me at Lubbock Comic-Con 2020

Make plans now to join me at the Lubbock Comic-Con, February 29th - March 1st. The 2020 Comic-Con in Lubbock promises to be the biggest and best one yet held on the South Plains, and I will be there to sell and autograph my books. So, if you already have a copy of one (or more) of my books and want me tp personalize it to you, bring it by the Lubbock Civic Center and I will be more than happy to do it. If you haven't read one of my books or want the latest one out, I will be selling them there too.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Lubbock 2020 Comic-Con.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Today starts the second of Feb's FREE e-books

This is the second of the Free E-Books I'm giving away in February. It has the highest customer rating (according to Amazon) of any of my books. This novella is full of suspense and mind bending twists. If your looking for a great story with beautiful women, dangerous spies, intrigue complete with roller coaster thrills, and a plot bigger than the book itself, then this is the one you have been looking for. So, get your copy between the 15th and 17th of February. 
Reviews are appreciated. I can post your review here or you can post it directly to Amazon.
Thanks, you guys and gals are the very best.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Special Valentine Offer

Don't miss hearing these Award Winning Authors speak

Come hear award winning authors Jodie Thomas and S.J. Dalhstrom speak at the Launch Party for the Caprock Writers and Illustrators Alliance. Feb 22nd 10:am to 12 Noon. at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Dan-Dwayne Novelist: Big Giveaways in February for Valentine's Day

Dan-Dwayne Novelist: Big Giveaways in February for Valentine's Day: This February is a slam-dunk month for great giveaways.  Mark your calendar for these extra special free eBooks by Dan-Dwayne. ...

You Are Invited

February 22nd - 10am to 12 noon
Lubbock Garden and Arts Center - 4215 University Street

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Big Giveaways in February for Valentine's Day

This February is a slam-dunk month for great giveaways. 

Mark your calendar for these extra special free eBooks by Dan-Dwayne.

Starting the run of freebies is a Valentine’s Day special for, Midday’s Starless Midnight. Liam Shea writes about the misfortunes of two honeymooners who stumble into the terrorist takeover of Carlsbad Cavern’s. This event actually happened on July 10th of 1979. Read about how unlucky events lead them into the unfortunate situation and why the criminal planned it. This novel will be free from February 12th to the 14th, Valentine’s Day.

That special will be followed by my 4 ½ star rated novella, Pawns in the Power of Kings, which will be free from February 15th to the 17th. One reader posted this review: Looking for a mystery thriller worth your time? Dive into a tangle of crooked politicians, beautiful women. Intermingled with Icons of a warped justice system. All dancing from the golden strings of the puppet masters. If you crave mystery, murder and spies this is your book.

That is truly a great special, but there are still great giveaways to come… Next is a free offer by Liam Shea. His short story, A Summer of Change, will be free from February 18th to the 20th.

This terrific run of free eBooks will be finished up by a free offer for my newly reedited and rewritten novel, The Secret King. If you have a copy of this book please be sure you get the update (it should be free from amazon) because this new edit is far better than the last edition. You will notice the improvement from the first page on. I’m expecting its 4 star rating to jump to 5 stars.

Take advantage of these great offers this month. Put a note in your sweetheart’s candy box telling your valentine that their copy is in their email. Then leave a promissory note that they will get the whole set of books that follows. You don’t have to tell them they were free.   

This offer available at only.  Log in and download your free eBook today.