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Monday, June 15, 2020

Some words about how to get started writing your own novel
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Friday, June 12, 2020

Friday, May 22, 2020

Here is something of interest to writers.

Here is something of interest of writers. 
L.A.S.R. is a website that reviews books and I believe they have an end of year contest among their  entries. 

If anyone is interested in getting L.A.S.R. to review your novel, here are the instructions. 

Information taken directly off of the L.A.S.R. website:

How to Request a Review

Please Note:

We accept requests from both traditionally published authors, self-published authors and publishers.

IMPORTANT: Traditionally published authors, please check with your publisher FIRST to see if they already submit to us — if they do, please do NOT submit your story to us, as duplicate entries will cause significant problems.  FYI: We are auto-approved via NetGalley and Edelweiss for most Sourcebooks, Harlequin, Harper Collins and Avon books that are available through that distribution channel.

If you are self-published, or your publisher does not already submit to us, please follow the submission guidelines below.

* We do not guarantee all books received will be reviewed.  Please do not email us after submitting your story for review to find out if it’s been selected for review.  If it’s reviewed, you’ll be notified.
* We review Romance, Erotic Romance, Young Adult and Middle Grade and other Children’s Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Non-Romance Mysteries and Cozies, Thrillers, Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction and other genre fiction as well as Non-Fiction.
* We reserve the right to decline to review books at our discretion.
* Please do not submit stories that include depraved or illegal acts, bestiality, degradation of men or women (rape) that is portrayed in a positive way (and never by the hero), incest, or pedophilia (no sex involving underage characters with an adult regardless of consent).


1. Please fill out the appropriate form for your genre (linked bel0w):

* All Other Genres (including non-erotic romance, YA/Middle Grade fiction, non-romance mystery, fantasy and science fiction)

2. After completing the form, please email the PDF for your story to lasrpdfs (@) gmail (.) com with a subject: TITLE – PUBLISHER PDF (i.e. Really Great Book – Awesome Publishing PDF). NOTE: the above email is for PDF submission ONLY. Please do not send ANY other correspondence. If you need to contact us for anything else, you may use lasreviews AT gmail DOT com

3. You will not receive confirmation of receipt. If your story is chosen for review, you will be notified by email when the review is published.

4. All review requests will be kept in our database for approximately three months. At that time, if no reviewer has been found for the story, the request will be removed from our database and the PDF deleted without issuance.

5. We are determined to be a site that only issues honest, but positive reviews. Therefore, if our reviewers cannot find positive remarks to say about a story, it will be declined. Please understand, this is not necessarily a reflection upon you, the author, or your story — opinions vary greatly. It just means that the reviewers who volunteer their time here at LASR didn’t care for it. We will notify you via email if this particular circumstance occurs. We appreciate your understanding!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Character Quotes from 'Premeditated Pandemonium.'

Premeditated Pandemonium has an underlying theme about - who do you put your faith in? 
       Here are some quotes from the novel about that sxpansive topic:

“Faith is what makes the difference in a lover and a loved one.”

                         —   Janie Fulbright

         “A man makes his own destiny 
           and his faith should be in himself.”
                                   —    General Matthew L. Goldstein, Navel Military Intelligence

          “The lawyer has faith in the justice system 
            and the judge has faith in the law, 
            but the law is not faith. However, 
            the man who lives by the law lives 
            in confidence of its fairness - He lives by faith.”
                               —   Zane Dunkirk

                 And a word from a famous Author:

        “All the world is made up of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

                        ― J.M. Barrie

A Passage from 'Premeditated Pandemonium.'

A passage from 'Premeditated Pandemonium' by Dan-Dwayne:

          Evan held the flight stick of the chopper steady as Zane leaped from the helicopter into the inky blackness that lay before him. Its tranquility surrounded him and enveloped him. It made him one with the night sky. On his cheeks, he felt splatters of moisture as he fell through a thin cloud and his mind drifted for a moment. *** This night he had to force his thoughts aside and concentrate on the mission at hand. At nine hundred and fifty feet, literally suspended between heaven and earth, it wasn’t the time for Zane to think of such things. On top of everything else, there was the bitter cold.

          It was the cold that brought his focus back to his mission, his purpose. He had a job to do, and although his cheeks felt frozen as he hurtled through the black air of night between the helicopter and the top of the newly completed AWIF Corporation skyscraper, the jewel of the Boston skyline, he would persevere.

          Holding tight to the ripcord of his parachute, he counted off the seconds before he opened it. It was only seconds but it felt like a perpetual eternity before he reached the precisely calculated distance when his parachute would not be noticed by the dual tower security team.

          He whispered the number ‘0’ and pulled hard on the ripcord. The nylon cloth shot out of the tight packing and popped loudly as it suddenly filled with air. Zane flailed briefly like a rag doll as his momentum temporarily reversed and he began his gentle descent to the top of the tallest tower.

          Landing with a roll, he stripped off the pack and tucked as much of the blowing fabric back into it as he could. Dressed in black fatigues, he pulled a ski mask over his face. Loose threads outlined where his rank and his Goldstein’s Guerrillas patch had once been attached to his shoulder.

           With little time to spare he pressed the release button on the miniaturized collapsible grappling hook. The titanium tines of the hook sprang out into a claw shape. He secured the rope to the hook and anchored it to the massive air-conditioning unit that cooled the tower.

To find out how this fits into the plot read "Premeditated Pandemonium" on

Friday, May 8, 2020

A first time ever free book offer from Novelist Liam Shea.

My friend Liam Shea is having a promotional. 
Check it out. This is a great read.
This is the first promotion Liam has done for any of his books. 
Take advantage of this unusual offer. 

This promotional is only for two days. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Dan and Diva at Rock City online

Online church... Yay.
Here Dan-Dwayne (me) and Diva are guests (during the children's part) of Rock City Lubbock's service. 
I made Diva. She is a hand made puppet right down to her gown and stole. Okay, so I bought her shoes. Forgive me for that. She wears a children's size 9. Thanks to Rock City Lubbock for allowing us to be on your online broadcast.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Stir-crazy and Karaoke, what a combo

This was the first karaoke video I ever made. 
Georgia on My Mind... not about New Orleans but it should be. 
Ray Charles, I wish I could sing it like you did.
Well, it's just for fun anyway.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Read Gussie's Adventure for FREE

A quick light hearted and fun adventure.

Repression or opportunity?

During this time when so many of us are secluding ourselves away from each other in an effort to retain our health against this viral onslaught. It’s easy to get depressed and feel that our self-inflicted withdrawal from society has in some way injured us, we feel we are victims of this viral pandemic. To those who feel this I want to say… take heart. This is only a moment in time compared to our entire life, however, it may be one of the most important times we live through. I encourage you to take photos of your everyday activities and post them. Take time outside of drowning in social media to cherish this family time; make scrapbooks, do puzzles, and relish in all the things we once did before the techno-boom. Write, paint, and be creative. Read all those books you purchased on a whim. Play that instrument again that you put away for 20 years. Use this time wisely. Look at this as an opportunity that will never come your way again. Use it wisely.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Midnight in New Orleans - FREE

This newly re-edited version is packed with more thrills and local flavor of New Orleans. 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Get your upgrade. It's free from Amazon
For those who have an e-copy of my novel "The Secret King," please get the upgrade. The cover for the newly re-edited version is blue. That is a sure fire way of telling them apart. This new edit is a world of difference from the old one.  If you bought it from Amazon then you should be able to get a free upgrade. It is available. Usually the  upgrade automatically goes to your kindle or tablet, however, if the cover is grey then it didn't update. You might need to do it manually.  

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Had a really great time at Lubbock-Con 2020

Hey to all my friends,
My table area at the Lubbock-Con 2020 was a huge success. I actually sold out of a couple of my titles, and signed lots of copies dedicated to my friends. What an amazing weekend. Most of all I loved talking to those of you who simply stopped by to say "hi" and encourage me. All of you are the best of the best! (Saw several of my past students and totally relished hearing about their lives since school.)
I will be at the Lubbock Arts Festival in April. So, keep one of these dates open (17,18, and 19th) and plan on visiting with me there. I also have some things planned for August and possibly for as early as June. I 'll keep you in the loop as to my upcoming agenda. Thanks to the Write Right Critique Group for letting me be a part of this fantastic event with them as I shared the table with Keith West, Sekji Ani, and Liam Shea. Great authors writing terrific books.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Can hardly wait till Lubbock Comic-Con 2020

Can't wait to see all my friends at the upcoming Lubbock Comic-Con 2020 this Saturday and Sunday, held at the Lubbock Civic Center Exhibit Hall. I will be at the booth marked on the map for Write Right Authors which is actually the Write Right Critique Group of Lubbock. My friend Liam Shea will also be there along with Cyberpunk writer, Sekji Ani, and Science Fiction writer, Keith West. It'll be great fun. I'll see ya there.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Meet Me at Lubbock Comic-Con 2020

Make plans now to join me at the Lubbock Comic-Con, February 29th - March 1st. The 2020 Comic-Con in Lubbock promises to be the biggest and best one yet held on the South Plains, and I will be there to sell and autograph my books. So, if you already have a copy of one (or more) of my books and want me tp personalize it to you, bring it by the Lubbock Civic Center and I will be more than happy to do it. If you haven't read one of my books or want the latest one out, I will be selling them there too.
Looking forward to seeing you at the Lubbock 2020 Comic-Con.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Today starts the second of Feb's FREE e-books

This is the second of the Free E-Books I'm giving away in February. It has the highest customer rating (according to Amazon) of any of my books. This novella is full of suspense and mind bending twists. If your looking for a great story with beautiful women, dangerous spies, intrigue complete with roller coaster thrills, and a plot bigger than the book itself, then this is the one you have been looking for. So, get your copy between the 15th and 17th of February. 
Reviews are appreciated. I can post your review here or you can post it directly to Amazon.
Thanks, you guys and gals are the very best.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Special Valentine Offer

Don't miss hearing these Award Winning Authors speak

Come hear award winning authors Jodie Thomas and S.J. Dalhstrom speak at the Launch Party for the Caprock Writers and Illustrators Alliance. Feb 22nd 10:am to 12 Noon. at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Big Giveaways in February for Valentine's Day

This February is a slam-dunk month for great giveaways. 

Mark your calendar for these extra special free eBooks by Dan-Dwayne.

Starting the run of freebies is a Valentine’s Day special for, Midday’s Starless Midnight. Liam Shea writes about the misfortunes of two honeymooners who stumble into the terrorist takeover of Carlsbad Cavern’s. This event actually happened on July 10th of 1979. Read about how unlucky events lead them into the unfortunate situation and why the criminal planned it. This novel will be free from February 12th to the 14th, Valentine’s Day.

That special will be followed by my 4 ½ star rated novella, Pawns in the Power of Kings, which will be free from February 15th to the 17th. One reader posted this review: Looking for a mystery thriller worth your time? Dive into a tangle of crooked politicians, beautiful women. Intermingled with Icons of a warped justice system. All dancing from the golden strings of the puppet masters. If you crave mystery, murder and spies this is your book.

That is truly a great special, but there are still great giveaways to come… Next is a free offer by Liam Shea. His short story, A Summer of Change, will be free from February 18th to the 20th.

This terrific run of free eBooks will be finished up by a free offer for my newly reedited and rewritten novel, The Secret King. If you have a copy of this book please be sure you get the update (it should be free from amazon) because this new edit is far better than the last edition. You will notice the improvement from the first page on. I’m expecting its 4 star rating to jump to 5 stars.

Take advantage of these great offers this month. Put a note in your sweetheart’s candy box telling your valentine that their copy is in their email. Then leave a promissory note that they will get the whole set of books that follows. You don’t have to tell them they were free.   

This offer available at only.  Log in and download your free eBook today.

Monday, January 27, 2020

A Reader Review for the Secret King

This is a note from a reader:

Hi Dan! I just finished your book [The Secret King] and greatly enjoyed it! Very well done. I love how you tied the wedding miracle into the story the way you did. Thanks again for letting me read it. I will let my friends know about the book!  

Thank you, Carolyn, for your kind words. Carolyn got a copy of my book from a contest on the internet and was gracious to share her feeling about it.

Monday, January 20, 2020

A Spectacular event is happening in February

This is a special invitation to my personal Facebook friends:
Right now, mark your calendrers for  Feb. 22 and don't schedule anything else for that morning. This is going to be spectacular because we, writers and artists of the Caprock area, are banding together to create a group, perhaps you would call it an organization, better yet, I'd call it a club of sorts. This writers club will provide support for authors and fledgling writers alike. It will be a place where illustrators, novice and professional, can network for success with people needing pictures, cover illustrations, and other images for printed material. It will be a place where you can improve your craft and stretch your imagination. If you have an interest in writing and or drawing of any sort this could be the place for you.
I'm sure by now you're seen the image above and know that we're calling ourselves the Caprock Writers' and Illustrators' Alliance. And yes, we are actually made of many groups already active and serving the writing community. Our grand opening launch party is happening next month. It's a come and go meet and greet style affair. To be exact it will be February 22, Saturday at 10am to 12 noon at the Lubbock Garden and Arts Center. We have a future vision with lots of fun things planned for the next months ahead. So, come to our launch party and just visit, learn about what we have to offer, and plan for your writing and artistic success.  

This invitation is not official from the group's honchos it is from me to you because I believe that there are many fine writers and artists who have never had excellent opportunities offered to them. This is a chance to be a part of something big. Hope to see you at the launch party!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Review of War Hawk by James Rollins

Review of  War Hawk by James Rollins:

I just finished James Rollins' Novel, War Hawk and found that it was a true roller coaster adventure ride. Nice hook in the first 30 pages to keep me interested. I was looking for 'the Ghost' to influence the story and my anticipation was rewarded.  An unexpected bit was how the omnipotent narrator said what his dog was thinking. That was not only well done but unique in it's concept. The dog was already a main character in the novel when we were allowed into it's thoughts and reasoning behaviors. Mr. Rollins past personal experiences has provided him a unique insight to animal behavior. All this said, I found that the heroic dog's ability to reason was better than I would expect any other dog to do, and at times I sat back and questioned, could a dog really do that? This didn't become a great distraction from the bullet dodging and bomb riddled adventure. From start to finish it was a twisting ride of shocks and thrills. I give War Hawks 4 and a half out of five stars. That is a near perfect score. Well done Mr. Rollins.