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Thursday, January 21, 2021

 The first book of The Ushering series is finished, and as we speak, I have sample readers at work reading the story for  errors. These sample or beta readers will send me their suggestions for the final rewrite of the story. After that it has one last edit and the publisher okays it. We are looking at a publisher's release of late February to early March. It's getting closer. The debut of the apocalyptic series by Dan-Dwayne, The Ushering is coming soon.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Click to see which name won, and will be used for the series title of my upcoming trilogy.

To borrow a phrase form Stan Lee -- Well, true believers, the verdict is in. The winner of the naming poll to fine which of the names I had was the best for my new series has ended.

The winner of the poll is:

The Ushering

Thanks to everyone who played along and helps me decide by casting you vote.

I am planning a poll for which book cover I should use for the first book. in the series.

Thank you all.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

I decided to let my friends and followers choose the title of the new series.


Finding the perfect name for my new series is crucial [as I will be stuck with it for the entire 3 book series, I want it really good]  So here is the second round of names for the series. I want to thank you for your patience, effort, and time in helping me. It means more than you know.  

Remember that I am looking for something that grabs attention. As it sits on the shelf, it makes you pause when you read it:


Mark of the Creator


Rebellious Wings




The Gifting


Heaven Scent


Angels at War


Shimmering Wings


The Ushering


This is an apocalyptic adventure story, not a conventional sweet  angel based kind story. 

It is about angels and supernatural warfare. The superheroes are teens that have been empowered with the gifts of the spirit as their superpowers. It is not churchy… there is not a church in the entire novel. This is about a group of teens who talk like teenagers do and have teen problems. Yes, they are flawed people, like all of us are, and these flawed heroes have crises as they discover who they are. Despite their faults they have been chosen, but can they overpower an army of fallen angels? Will they succeed in finding their purpose before it is too late and God’s clock strikes midnight. A bit scary, a bit funny and a lot exciting, this new novel series needs the perfect name. Please help me find it.

Reply with your top three choices.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What would you title this story?

 I've gotten some interesting feedback on what I should title my new novel. Right now nothing is set in stone. I've gone from: The Escape to Ignited: The Beginning and now after some input, I'm rethinking that one. 

Premise: Teenage boys run away from a abusive home environment and find that they have been chosen to stop the ushering in of the unholy one who comes in the name of his father. They are endowed with angelic gifts, or spiritual gifts, to stop this fateful event. Will they be able to succeed? I don't know yet -- I'm writing chapter 19 now. You will find out when it's finished around Christmas time.    

What do you think would be a good title for this story? I'm looking forward to seeing your comments. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Sneak Peek from My Upcoming Novel: Ignited

An update on my up coming novel, Ignited:

Arland has the gift. He dreams dreams that come true and sees things, omens of events yet to come. In this early section he's telling his friend about a dream he had about his parents who are hundreds of miles away...because he has ran away. He thinks he's going on a simple road trip, but supernatural forces sidetrack his plans. He will eventually realize, all of humanity is depending on one fifteen-year-old boy--him. It's time Arland became a hero.  

This is a sneak preview from my new novel, currently titled Ignited.

“Well, my parents were sitting in our family dining room. Mom had a Yankee style pot roast on the table. For a while, they just sat there, staring at their empty plates. Then they accused one another for the emptiness of the extra chair at the table—my chair. 

“Norman, my Dad, yelled, ‘You should have known something was wrong.’

“‘How?’ Mom yelled back. ‘I’m not my Aunt Hattie. She’s the one with the gift.’

“Dad got quieter and said, ‘I don’t know why you call it a gift. It never brought her anything but heartache. Drove her to kill herself, that gift of hers. We should have told him about it before now.’

 “‘He doesn’t know that.’ Mom was still yelling. ‘He thinks he’s some kind of outsider, like he doesn’t belong—a freak.’

“‘What did you expect?’ Dad started shouting again.

“Then Mom started talking crazy like, ‘There’s never been a boy born with the gift. Not in all my family. When the doctor announced that it was a boy, I felt relieved. Then I saw his eyes.’

“While she started forking pot roast onto Dad’s plate, he said, ‘That doesn’t mean he has it.’ Dad calmly began cutting up the meat. ‘After all, it’s like you say, boys don’t inherit the gift. He hasn’t ever acted anything like Aunt Hattie did.’

“That’s when I knew for sure they were talking about me because mom said, ‘If he has the amber eyes then he has the gift. I know he has—he must.’

Upcoming Offer from Author Liam Shea