Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Tribe is a Powerful Thing

Title: Tribal Spirit
Media: Polychrome Pencils on Watercolor and Ink
Artist: Dan Dwayne Spencer

This is a mixed media piece... It's a drawing and it's a painting too. It represents the will of a people, a tribe as they walk through life. A Tribe is a powerful thing. Sometimes the people are lied to and it causes their journey hardship. Sometimes the people are cheated and it makes the steps harder to take. But, the people persist. They continue their journey. They seek vison to know what is the right way to go. They listen to their hearts and discern the words of men. They are a tribe. They are a people. 

In my new book which I'm currently writing my character of Janie Fulbright, a District Attorney from Tarrant County in Texas, says she has a tribe. Her tribe is on social media. They help her find the clues she needs. No... I'm not telling you more... you'll have to wait till it's published. Check out my books on Amazon... "Spies Lie & Spies Die" and "The Secret King and Poetry of Praise"