Saturday, June 2, 2018

My GQ Pose

In an earlier blog I told you that I was a fashion-plate when I was only four and five years old. Well, here I am all of five years old and doing my GQ pose on my parents sidewalk. See that green house with a red door? It was where I called home for twenty three years. Most people think is strange that my parents never moved, but that was home and as my mother said, "A bigger house is just more house to clean." So, they didn't see the need to upsize. I lived there through college before I moved out. After college I worked for various art services. Then I met my Mary. (Did you know that Mary is the most common name for women in general. It's true.)  I wrote her a poem and... What you want to hear it... Humm… Well okay but only one stanza... that's all. Here it goes:

When we’re apart my heart begins to slow
It’s like the distance between us seems to grow
Then I tally the priorities inside my head
It all goes back to something that you once said
My life changed with three little words
I know it must sound completely absurd
But it became clear even though I’m not very clever
That your love and mine would last forever

That about wraps this article up. Read 'Poetry of Praise' to get more of my poetry. 

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