Friday, September 25, 2020

The new untitled novel has over 49,000 words so far...

 Just finished chapter 15 of my new, yet to be titled, novel. My story plot has grown from my first plan. After I finished my plotting. I realized that there was a sequel in the story. It may end up being three books. I will take 250 to 300 pages and make that the first book, and keep writing. I have 49,000 words so far and from what I'm seeing in my head I have only scratched the surface of the complete story arch.

People are always asking me if I'm a plotter or a pantser. My answer is complicated because my way of writing is a bit of both. I start writing. At this point, I have no idea what my story is going to be about. I'm pantsing. After I write for a while. I stop and profile the characters I have created. As I write my plot comes into my head, and it will because I think globally. I write down the plot points as they come to me until the story arch has formed. I'm on Chapter 15 and my story arch has completely formed in my head. It's time I jotted down those action points. So as you see. I actually do both, and a true pantsers will say I'm neither. Perhaps they're right, because I have my own way of doing it. I'm neither right nor left brained, I'm a whole brained person. My mind works best when it sees the whole picture at once. And yes. I have been tested... like a guinea pig in a cosmetic factory. LOL.