Thursday, May 21, 2020

A Character Quotes from 'Premeditated Pandemonium.'

Premeditated Pandemonium has an underlying theme about - who do you put your faith in? 
       Here are some quotes from the novel about that sxpansive topic:

“Faith is what makes the difference in a lover and a loved one.”

                         —   Janie Fulbright

         “A man makes his own destiny 
           and his faith should be in himself.”
                                   —    General Matthew L. Goldstein, Navel Military Intelligence

          “The lawyer has faith in the justice system 
            and the judge has faith in the law, 
            but the law is not faith. However, 
            the man who lives by the law lives 
            in confidence of its fairness - He lives by faith.”
                               —   Zane Dunkirk

                 And a word from a famous Author:

        “All the world is made up of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

                        ― J.M. Barrie