Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Sneak Peek from My Upcoming Novel: Ignited

An update on my up coming novel, Ignited:

Arland has the gift. He dreams dreams that come true and sees things, omens of events yet to come. In this early section he's telling his friend about a dream he had about his parents who are hundreds of miles away...because he has ran away. He thinks he's going on a simple road trip, but supernatural forces sidetrack his plans. He will eventually realize, all of humanity is depending on one fifteen-year-old boy--him. It's time Arland became a hero.  

This is a sneak preview from my new novel, currently titled Ignited.

“Well, my parents were sitting in our family dining room. Mom had a Yankee style pot roast on the table. For a while, they just sat there, staring at their empty plates. Then they accused one another for the emptiness of the extra chair at the table—my chair. 

“Norman, my Dad, yelled, ‘You should have known something was wrong.’

“‘How?’ Mom yelled back. ‘I’m not my Aunt Hattie. She’s the one with the gift.’

“Dad got quieter and said, ‘I don’t know why you call it a gift. It never brought her anything but heartache. Drove her to kill herself, that gift of hers. We should have told him about it before now.’

 “‘He doesn’t know that.’ Mom was still yelling. ‘He thinks he’s some kind of outsider, like he doesn’t belong—a freak.’

“‘What did you expect?’ Dad started shouting again.

“Then Mom started talking crazy like, ‘There’s never been a boy born with the gift. Not in all my family. When the doctor announced that it was a boy, I felt relieved. Then I saw his eyes.’

“While she started forking pot roast onto Dad’s plate, he said, ‘That doesn’t mean he has it.’ Dad calmly began cutting up the meat. ‘After all, it’s like you say, boys don’t inherit the gift. He hasn’t ever acted anything like Aunt Hattie did.’

“That’s when I knew for sure they were talking about me because mom said, ‘If he has the amber eyes then he has the gift. I know he has—he must.’