Saturday, October 24, 2020

I decided to let my friends and followers choose the title of the new series.


Finding the perfect name for my new series is crucial [as I will be stuck with it for the entire 3 book series, I want it really good]  So here is the second round of names for the series. I want to thank you for your patience, effort, and time in helping me. It means more than you know.  

Remember that I am looking for something that grabs attention. As it sits on the shelf, it makes you pause when you read it:


Mark of the Creator


Rebellious Wings




The Gifting


Heaven Scent


Angels at War


Shimmering Wings


The Ushering


This is an apocalyptic adventure story, not a conventional sweet  angel based kind story. 

It is about angels and supernatural warfare. The superheroes are teens that have been empowered with the gifts of the spirit as their superpowers. It is not churchy… there is not a church in the entire novel. This is about a group of teens who talk like teenagers do and have teen problems. Yes, they are flawed people, like all of us are, and these flawed heroes have crises as they discover who they are. Despite their faults they have been chosen, but can they overpower an army of fallen angels? Will they succeed in finding their purpose before it is too late and God’s clock strikes midnight. A bit scary, a bit funny and a lot exciting, this new novel series needs the perfect name. Please help me find it.

Reply with your top three choices.