Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year Resolutions

Happy New year to all...
Like everyone else I am thinking about the changes I'd like to make in the coming year. Many of these changes are common among every new years resolution maker. It's either eat better, lose weight, stop giving into self indulgences, or promises to be more diligent in work. Sometimes family is included into these vacuous promises with the desire to spend more quality time with loved ones. 

I have to admit that I think in these lines myself as I'm sure that I would benefit from any or every one of these resolutions, however, the thing I would want most from this new year isn't something that is easily controlled. Actually it is without a doubt out of my control. As I try to explain my reasoning and wants let me begin by saying those who have read my books understand how in my novels the idea of faith is important. The thought that people should have faith is a underlying theme in my writing. With that said I will further explain my new years hope which is for all of us to have more faith... Faith in each other no matter our differences. Faith to step out and bring our values, goals, agendas, and yes... bring our love, friendship, and trust in each other, in our fellow man... into our daily routine, the ridiculous and obnoxious grind. It is a simple thing although I understand it is hard to include compromise into one's daily goals. Not compromise for compromise sake but rather honest comparison of ideas and agendas... Maybe someone has a better idea than you do. This also goes for those who promote an idea under one boss (or administration) and radically opposes it just because the boss changed. Think of compromise as an opportunity to included someone else's thoughts and ideas into our own. If there is not enough room in our box of options for another's prospective then it's my hope that this year we can try to fit it in there. Sometimes we have to prioritize and make room for maybe the best ideas yet. The small arena of the workplace can be a better place for it and if our leaders would do the same then the world would certainly be better for it too. It's sad to see people haggle over a concept that they both believe in and they cant come to terms because of who's the current boss. 

It has been a popular idea in the last years to celebrate our differences but let's talk turkey... We are all different and always will be... maybe it's time to celebrate our similarities and have some faith, trust, and finally believe in each other for a change. 

Happy New Year!