Friday, January 11, 2019

Blogging about "The Evan Chavez Adventure"

Hello all... Today I'm blogging about my new novel. I know some of you might be seeing this on Facebook, Tweeter, or even Pinterest... but they are linked to my blog and that is why you can see it too. So where was I... oh yes, I was about to blog about my new novel. I usually just call it "Premeditated Pandemonium" but the real title is "Premeditated Pandemonium: An Evan Chavez Adventure" Can you guess what the hero's name is? I bet it didn't take three guesses. Well, he might be the guy who gets the credit but he has a terrific team behind him who does a lot of the dirty work. There is Janie Fulbright who is constantly flirty and sarcastic, Texas Ranger Guy Franklin who is in love with Janie and has been for years but Janie can't make up her mind between Evan and Guy. Then there is Marty, the Boston detective who does everything by the book, and the beautiful NSA agent who knows just how to stir up the mix. With all their personal baggage and drama it's amazing that they can get any detective work done at all. That brings us to Fiona Larson the Fort Worth Police Chief. She seems to have a crisis of faith concerning the abilities of her people when they are being targeted by unknown assassins. Frankly, her first thought is to always protect the department. I guess I should mention the General. That would be General Goldstein. He is now a general at the pentagon and was the commanding officer in the Military Intelligence unit Evan Chaves served in. His information comes in handy. Then there are the Mossad agents who get dropped in the mix with the agents from the 'Arab World of International Finance.' Oh yes... Things just start to get tangled into the web of intregue when the President makes some sudden changes in the U.S. foreign policy.  Without a doubt things get very dicey with the suspicious  behavior of our fame seeking President, Edgar J. Tarkington. That's when the case turns into an international debacle. Is Evan strong enough to hold it together and save the day by stopping the device called 'Jehovah's Tears' from destroying the world's economy?  

That brings up a question I hope you have asked... Just what villain could do all this. Surely he would need some kind of organization behind him... and then why would he want to do this in the first place... Is he insane, a terrorist or a diabolical genius? Perhaps he is all three. 

You'll just have to get the book and see for yourselves how it all turns out. There are lots of tears before the end... after all we always appreciate the light of day most just after the darkest night.