Friday, March 12, 2021

Finding the Hero in the Ushering: AMBER

 In my new novel The Ushering: AMBER, heroism is a big topic, and especially when it comes to everyday people. In our world we have proven that not all heroes wear capes, tights and masks. The most effective heroes are incognito. They walk silently among us without fanfare or fame. They even hide their superpower -- bravery. The teens in AMBER don't wear costumes. They hardly realize what's happening to them and they certainly don't have a design emblazoned on their chests. None the less, they are superheroes and their greatest weapon is faith; bravery doesn't hurt either. Lets get out the magnifying glass for a moment and look at our lives. There is someone around us who is depending on us to step up and be the hero. Will we let them down and let the failure haunt us the rest of our lives? Will we learn to ignore our failure and become bitter? Or, will we be the heroes we were always meant to be?