Friday, March 12, 2021

A word about angel culture.

In my novel The Ushering: AMBER, I show a part or slice of what I call angel culture. Personally, I think angels must have some kind of culture even though the Bible doesn't describe it. And if there is an angel culture then it stands to reason that the fallen angels would have a different kind of culture. That culture is at the core of the war that rages between the fallen and the favored. Now these angels in my book are not the meek and mild version, but rather, the kick ass kind with amazing powers. The thing is the favored angels can only wage war at their Master's command. That Master of course is God, and it would seem that He has them on a short leash because they are not his favorite instruments. Humanity is His favorite tool. In this story we see the origin of the chosen's power. The Lord has chosen teenagers to use to bend the elements of evil to His will. Teenagers who are shaped/damaged by their home life. They're full of anger, bitterness, and flawed in multiple ways. They didn't do anything to prove themselves worthy of God's gifts. In fact most modern Christians would think that they were undeserving. But that is just how God works. Our goodness is like filthy rags to God because only God is perfect. 

Let's take a close look at who was chosen in the Bible and see how perfect they were. Samson was a womanizer and a rebel who preferred the ways of the philistines over his own. Peter was a coward and a liar. Moses stuttered, and he didn't have the faith to lead without his brother at his side. Abraham had a problem following directions. The very first command God gave him was to leave his Father and go into the wilderness, and what did he do? He took Daddy with him. The next thing we know Daddy is dead. The list goes on and on with some of the stories graphicly horrible. Well, my characters smoke, cuss, and argue. They rebel against authority and fight their desire to give into evil. Actually, I think they are an accurate metaphor for humanity in general.