Monday, April 15, 2019

This is me at the Lubbock Art's festival.

This is me at the Lubbock Art's festival. I enjoyed meeting all you who stopped to visit with me and have me sign your books. I sold out of my supply of several titles... I guess you are forcing me to request more copies. (LOL)  Thanks to all my friends. I really enjoy meeting you and learning something about each and every one who becomes a fan and follower of my work. In the children's section of the booth I made some posters by enlarging some sketches in my personal sketchbook. (They were original designs drawn in pencil.) At the end of the festival we sold them to the comic crowd. I just know that you all will enjoy your Dan-Dwayne artwork and books. I have a few more pictures people are suppose to send me and I will be posting them as they come in. So, if you have pictures of the booth or my section please add them in. I what to thank Gloria Davis, who is a wonderful writer in her own right, for the photo shown here. I also what to thank the Lubbock Write Right Critique Group for hosting the event and allowing me to be a part of it even though I am a new member. I hope that I was an asset to your diverse group of local Texas writers.
Some of my fellow LWRCG members:

Anne, Mathis, K.J., and Mary

Tom Nichols

Mary Andrews

Grace Allison Blair

Anne Coffer

Barbara Garrett

K.J. Waters

Gloria Davis