Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Native American Earth Angels

These images are a part of the series I call Earth Angels.

Some of you know that I have a BFA degree. The 'FA' is for Fine Art. Well, I have been blessed to have made a living with my degree. Many people achieve a degree and end up working in a completely different field. I'm sure by now your asking about my writing... why are you a writer now? Let me start explaining by going way back when and then you'll understand me better. When I went to college I took the English proficiency test and clipped classes. They told me that I wouldn't pass it the first time through because it's the equivalent of making an 'A' in all four of my required English classes. (With God's help) I did it first time through. This is to say I had an affinity with English and liked to write. That was many, many years ago. There was a lot of painting and drawing going on in the following years, but later when art became every day's work I would relax and take my mind off the daily grid by writing. When my kids came along I wrote tales of a far away land where people had fantastic adventures. One of those tales was about an Indian Princess (truly a fairy tale because there never was a true Indian Princess. Indian society wasn't set up like that. So, the tale had to happen in the far away place of the Land of Neither Here nor There.) Now you can see that even though I was an artist I was also a writer... I just wasn't published. It was my (now grown) children who came to me and asked me to get the tales I told them as a child published. That started it all. I now have four books available on Amazon.com and more on the way. To be exact, I have two novels, a book of short stories, and my book for children. I hope you enjoy these drawings. I promise to post more soon.