Thursday, March 7, 2019

Having faith in... Premeditated Pandemonium
Right after Premeditated Pandemonium was released I took it to Bill Kerns (The most well known arts critic in West Texas) and asked him to review it if he had time to do so. Recently Mr. Kerns contacted me and although he is very busy with his commitments to and his other posting outlets, he intends on writing a review of my book. Does the idea of being reviewed make me nervous… I would be lying if I said it didn't. I'm a writer. We writers always want others to like our work. Frankly I have faith in what I have created. I think it is a book with heart.

In "Premeditated Pandemonium" you'll find a hero who is able to stand alone but knows the strength of having faith in his team. He depends on them just as much as he depends on his wits and deductive skills. The female lead is a capable and strong woman who knows her worth. She has a hard time committing to relationships and can't decide which man is more important in her life. The female police chief is a stern and by the book law officer who (through no fault of her own) falls prey to a maniacal maniac. She micro manages and has a hard time trusting her subordinate officers... that is until she is rescued by one of them. She finds that faith is a lesson that comes in bitter doses. Then there is the Texas Ranger who trusts that the team he has joined (to find the killer and return what remains of the diamonds) is more capable than any other. He trusts them instead of rushing in and replacing them with state agents. Finally we have Natalie who is the toughest woman on the team and the most intuitive. She sees how easily it would be to loose faith after seeing the despicable cult members and how they twist the Bible scriptures to mean what they want it to. She admits to praying for Janie so that she will not loose her way... not loose her faith.

Yes, I have faith in "Premeditated Pandemonium."