Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Illustrations in my book for children.

I'm supposing that some of you have seen my artwork before. After all I do have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree and worked as an artist and art professional for many years. Actually, I was a teacher of fine arts for 24 years. In the photo you see here I have assembled 5 of the 14 illustrations I did for my book for children The Land of Neither Here nor There. Reading the pictures from top left there is the 'Knock, Knock Beast,' and 'Mr. Tumblejoy.' The center picture is of 'Ms. Honeydew' who is busy blowing the thistle of a dandelion. On the bottom row, again left to right is 'The Hideous Beast with a Good Heart,' and 'the Dragon' - the creature from the sea that Kinin and his grandfather catches in their fishing net. As I said there are 14 illustrations in all and the book is printed in full color. 

Check it out at Amazon.com.