Monday, February 11, 2019

The Three Musketeers of P.F. Brown Elementary.

Well here we are, the three musketeers of P.F. Brown Elementary. It's me (for sure), Karla (Parks) McNeal, and Lee Moffit and we look like we're planning some new neighborhood adventure. This must have been taken about 1963 (or so) and to me it seems a world away. Those were the days of inventive adventures for sure. We didn't have PlayStations or the internet and phones were all attached to cords in the wall. We entertained ourselves with activities. A little tape, one of my dad's empty razorblade holders, and an antennae from a broken radio and I had an instant micro-listening device (non-functional of course.) Add an extra loop of tape to the back and it was a spy-bug worthy of any '00' agent. A backyard swing-set could become a fortress with the addition of a bit if cardboard and some colorful crayons. Those were glorious times. Sadly the three musketeers have grown apart and we rarely see each other. Like all long ago childhood friendships the sands of time seem to bury it and life's rat-race takes over. Truly, it's our own fault... maybe there will be a day when the three musketeers of P.F. Brown will ride again... or maybe not.