Thursday, February 28, 2019

In those days I thought I knew so much...

These are pictures of a place called Colonial Williamsburg. The last time I was there was with a group called The Youth Action Singers. This seems like another lifetime ago. It was 1977. The trip was a ministry tour up the eastern seaboard to NYC and specifically to Brooklyn and Queens. 
In those days I thought I knew so much... looking back I realize just how much I didn't know. I guess age and time is a great teacher. I was telling a friend just today to be careful asking God for wisdom because it comes to you through the school of hard knocks. It's great to have and we all have a little by the time we have white hair... lol. But, I truly believe that an abundance of wisdom comes from a life of unpleasant experiences. The thing about life is that its experiences are not always positive... the negative must come with the good. Wouldn't it be grand to only get the positive? but then, how would we know the difference if all we get is positive experiences... doesn't the negative experiences mold us faster than the positive ones? I know that when things are wonderful it is then that I'm satisfied with myself and I don't grow or become more than I am. It's when things are uncomfortable that I press myself to change. Maybe you're the same way too.