Sunday, August 19, 2018

Not my usual subject matter

This sketch is not my usual subject matter. As a matter of fact I don't think there's another unicorn in my entire artistic history. The reason for that is because I did this one before I had discovered myself, so to speak. This was done when I was seventeen (or so) as part of a high school project. My teacher (Mrs. Wilson) wanted us to learn about lithography printing. Litho printing is usually done with a stone but she gave us a treated paper to draw on. I didn't especially like the project and to make it worse those special treated papers (we were to use as printing plates) were fragile and would only make one or maybe two images at best. The result (for me) was hideous. My print was nothing like my drawing., so you see, this is neither my drawing for that project or the print I awkwardly produced. It is my initial drawing I made for the project... The one in my sketchbook.  As for the litho print and the plate... I destroyed it as soon as I got it back from the teacher. The drawing style is somewhat reminiscent of what it would come to be but the composition is... not so good. Sawblade mountains, and an awkward foggy thing making a fingery point toward the animals head. All so high school...  Art is a growing process and the newest art should be the best yet. This drawing has problems and was finished a very long time ago. That very same year I won a contest to design the poster for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra's next concert. I was all so excited. Thank goodness I didn't have to draw any unicorns on it.
Looking at this drawing for what it was (what I was) not what I became makes it more palatable... like writing. The newest is supposed to be the best yet, and I think my new book (which I'm currently writing) is the best one I've ever written. It has suspense, intregue, a priceless treasure, lots of puzzles for the reader (and the hero) to decipher, and of course one of those inexplicable love triangles... But, until it's published check out my books "The Secret King and Poetry of Praise" and "Spies Lie and Spies Die." on Amazon and Goodreads.