Friday, May 25, 2018

What I think Living in Lubbock is like.

Yes... I do like Lubbock. I've traveled lots of places (especially in the south) and I always return to Lubbock. It's home not because I just call it that but it feels like home. I get mad at traffic, yell at my dashboard when someone grabs my parking place first, but that means nothing really because there's truly a feeling about this place. It's friendly - for the most part except for that woman who grabbed my parking place.
Lubbock is small enough for neighbors to bond together and large enough to have every convenience necessary for fine living. You can catch the Bellamy Brothers at the Cactus Theater, Garth at the Spirit Arena... or you can gather at your best friend's place to watch the Red Raiders play ball. (That is if you weren't lucky enough to get tickets to see them in person.)  Lubbock can never be confused with any other Lubbock town because there is only one and its right here in West Texas.