Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Potter, The Kiln, and The Secret King

I taught pottery for ten years in public school. (Remember I was a teacher. I primarily taught fine art.) Well I find it interesting that a potter can physically change the shape of the clay and form it into anything... any vessel he/she wants. This was the kind of transformation Amon, Kamia and Nachet had to make in "The Secret King & Poetry of Praise." It was important for them to remold themselves into Hebrews and assimilate into the Jewish culture. Needless to say... not an easy task. They even had to take on new names. I guess that brings me to another point about pottery and the potter. When the potter finally puts the clay vessel into the fire... it goes through a stressful process becoming even something different than it was when it was still under the potter's hand on the wheel. It becomes stone. It will never be the same again. It will be (from that day on) what it was when it came out of the kiln. There is no turning back for the clay. Nachet's kiln was the burning house in Bethlehem and his resolve tempered him into a real Hebrew... not someone pretending to be a Hebrew. From that day on there was no pretending. His Hebrew life was set in stone.