Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Liam Shea has arranged a free e-book givaway on Amazon for his new novel

Hello to my friends in cyberspace,
I want to announce that my friend Liam Shea has just published his new novel 'Midday's Starless Midnight' and it is sensational. I give it 5 stars. It's funny, dramatic, and a bit irreverent. What else could you ask from entertainment. That's awesome enough, but to get his book kicked off right he's offering a couple free book days. This coming Monday and Tuesday will be free e-book days for his e-book version of "Midday's Starless Midnight."
This is not a mystery it is a work of alternative fiction. What's that you asked? Well, let me explain. A book is considered alternative fiction is when it is about an actual event but it is placed in a fictional timeline, all the characters are fictional, or/and the outcome is justified by fictional events. Sounds like a lot of fiction doesn't it. Liam Shea writes fiction that makes you go... hum, because it feels so real. Check it our for yourself. Look for it on Remember he is arranging with amazon for two free e-book days, Monday, September 16th and Friday, September 17th. It gets my golden star award.