Thursday, January 2, 2020

A Review of War Hawk by James Rollins

Review of  War Hawk by James Rollins:

I just finished James Rollins' Novel, War Hawk and found that it was a true roller coaster adventure ride. Nice hook in the first 30 pages to keep me interested. I was looking for 'the Ghost' to influence the story and my anticipation was rewarded.  An unexpected bit was how the omnipotent narrator said what his dog was thinking. That was not only well done but unique in it's concept. The dog was already a main character in the novel when we were allowed into it's thoughts and reasoning behaviors. Mr. Rollins past personal experiences has provided him a unique insight to animal behavior. All this said, I found that the heroic dog's ability to reason was better than I would expect any other dog to do, and at times I sat back and questioned, could a dog really do that? This didn't become a great distraction from the bullet dodging and bomb riddled adventure. From start to finish it was a twisting ride of shocks and thrills. I give War Hawks 4 and a half out of five stars. That is a near perfect score. Well done Mr. Rollins.