Thursday, November 7, 2019

Just in Time for Christmas
Only moments ago I finished this poster for the upcoming Arts and Craft Fair which will be held at the Lubbock Garden and Arts center on University Ave. The date of the fair is December 6th and 7th. The short story A Christmas Season in Hell is a tale in the vein of Edger Allen Poe, as during one Christmas break, a professor falls through the floor of his office into a secret and sealed room. To top it off there us a corpse down there. From examining the objects in the room he manages to solve the mystery of the man's death before he is rescued. A fun read.
The Secret King is about a boy who is Jesus' childhood friend. This boy has his own story and after he survives the vengeance of The evil witch Hept, Queen Mother to the Pharaoh he eventually must come to terms with why the people call his friend the Messiah. A heat warming and griping tale set in the Bible days. Behind the story is a section of Christian Poetry.

Uncle Dan's Big Bible Scripture Coloring Book was a project of love and devotion for my own Sunday school class. At the time I did the illustrations I had no idea I would ever publish them. I drew them to go hand in hand with our church curriculum. After so many years of drawing and teaching I have assembled 79 of them into one book. Each illustration has the Bible Scripture reference printed on it to support the action  A real bargain for only $4.00 with a full color cover and black and white interior.

And, that brings us to the Land of Neither Here nor There. A tale about a land much like Narnia that exists behind the sealed doorways called edges. A fairy tale book for all ages.