Monday, June 24, 2019

NEW - $0.99 Short Stories available from Dan-Dwayne

Here is another short story available for only $0.99. It is a great way to read before bedtime.

          In this cloak-and-dagger comedy, full of deceit and lies, Max Bender is tired of being turned down by beautiful women. He wants to change the rules of the dating game by turning it into a role playing adventure. With the help of his friend Wilson he does just that. He lures unwitting Lydia Dubois into his web of deceit only to be caught up in a real life espionage drama. When an enemy agent is actually killed by a woman with a strange accent he decides the game is no longer a game. He is way over his head and his plan has spun completely out of control. Where will his web of lies lead him – perhaps to his death?