Saturday, December 1, 2018

Just in time for Christmas...

The tech team at KDP came through and finally my book for children is ready and available in full color. I apologize for the glitch in their system which delayed the publication till now. We (the KDP people and myself) thought it was online and fine till we encountered technical problems... BUT now it is ready. To answer many of you who have already asked... yes, I wrote and illustrated this book. There is a variety of different illustration styles because each story has a different voice and feel. Just in time for Christmas this book is trimmed out as an 8 by 10 inch oversized edition with extra large type which makes it easy to read. It also has 14 color illustrations and is bound in a velvety feeling soft cover. These modern fairy tales of the Land of Neither Here nor There will delight the young and old. Below are three of the fourteen illustrations from the book "The Land of Neither Here nor There."

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